Investing in Female-Led Innovation

We believe there is a huge financial opportunity to invest unbiased capital into incredible founders, and provide the structural support they need to execute on their vision.

At The Helm, we invest in female-led innovation. To qualify as a potential investment for The Helm, you must be an early-stage, technology-enabled company helmed by a female CEO.

What we look for in potential investments:

Problem-driven businesses: Having a large addressable market is important for any venture-scale business, but the companies we get most excited about are the ones that have a unique insight into a pervasive, challenging customer problem. We invest in solutions centered around promoting resource efficiencies, leveraging technology to increase accessibility, creating products for underserved consumers, and enriching ecosystem infrastructures.

Experience-led founders: At the seed stage especially, the composition, experience, and character of the founding team will carry strong weight in our investment decisions. The founders’ unique vision and professional and personal backgrounds should indicate to us why a given founding team is the best positioned to solve the problem they are tackling.

Tangible product: We consider ourselves primarily seed investors. To us, that means that we won’t be writing a check into a company before there is a tangible MVP and feedback from customer testing. Our expectations for traction vary depending on the industry, but regardless of sector, we look for data points that indicate a passionate group of early users.

We are active supporters of and partners to the companies in our portfolio. Community is the primary driver of our platform, and once The Helm is invested, we leverage our network of members, advisors, and mentors to provide ongoing strategic support to our founders as they scale their companies. Our community is a diverse mix of individuals passionate about driving access to resources for female founders. Their experiences and influence range across industries, from leaders in media and technology, to successful founders, to artists and activists. Collectively, our community represent an influential and sophisticated focus group that we leverage to support our founders as strategic allies.

We like to meet with founders as early as possible. We want to get to know you! And just as importantly, give you the opportunity to get to know us. We often meet with founders when they are still in the idea stage, and we are happy playing the role of sounding board and friend before we play the role of investor.

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