Issue No. 02
Sex: Pleasure, Passion & Progress



An Interview with Cindy Eckert: How a Modern Day Erin Brockovich took on the FDA for Women’s Pleasure — and Won

Cindy Eckert, a celebrated pioneer in sexual medicine, talks to The Helm about challenging the FDA, selling a billion dollar business, and how she plans to make women "really rich".

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The Next Sexual Revolution

The Helm's CEO Lindsey Taylor Wood on the significance of pleasure, female founders, and the #metoo movement on the future of sex.

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The Edit

This month’s Edit is centered on our theme, Sex: Pleasure, Passion & Progress. From the subtle to the subversive, each piece encourages an inclusive and sex-positive conversation that celebrates and uplifts women—and our inherent sexual power. While unique in form and function, the items in our collection are united by one thing: every company and/or product was founded and created by a woman.

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“No woman gets an orgasm from shining the kitchen floor.”

Betty Friedan