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We Are on a Mission to Make Venture Investing Truly Equitable

And we’re changing the equation on both sides.

If you’re a female founder who needs to raise capital, the odds are stacked against you. Of the $58.8 billion dollars invested by US-based venture capitalists in 2015 alone, only 7% of that funding went to female entrepreneurs. And for women of color, that percentage drops to 0.2%. In 2016, despite the enormous amount of attention on this issue, the amount of capital invested in female founders actually dropped to only 2.5%.

We’re on a mission to make venture investing truly equitable, tackling the goal from two sides.

First, we’re expanding women’s access to capital. Our fund invests in female-founded companies with female CEOs. We’re putting resources behind the woman who are the technology and innovation sector, at the helm of companies that will change our culture.

Because we know that despite being underestimated and underfunded, there is an increasing amount of data that supports that female founders out-perform their male counterparts consistently. Venture-backed startups with female founders have been shown to drive a 35% higher ROI, and female teams to generate 12% more revenue on average. And this outperformance continues once companies go public.

We’re also upending the system by changing who is invited to do the investing. Typically, men with wealth are invited to invest their money and amass more wealth. Women? They’re invited to give away their money philanthropically.

Who receives capital and who’s asked to invest it is biased by gender. Philanthropy can’t be the only way we’re investing in equality—and it can’t be the only place where women are invited to write checks.

That’s why we’re reimagining the experience of investing to create value beyond the term sheet. In addition to investing in female-lead companies, Helm members get access to bespoke events, exclusive content, customized perks, and empowerment through education. Learn more about our Membership.

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