Pleasure, Passion & Progress: Women to Watch

The Helm



  • Michelle Shnaidman

    Founder, Bellesa
    A platform on which women are empowered to celebrate their sexuality


  • Carol Civre, Isa Ghaffari
    & Leah Roh

    Co-Founders, Motherlode
    A female-run digital art lab


  • Cindy Gallop

    Founder, Make Love Not Porn
    Blowing the conversation on sex wide open

    @makelovenotporn @cindygallop

  • Erika Lust

    Female provocateur and erotic film director

    Author, filmmaker, and avid promoter of feminist pornography


  • Ela Darling

    Porn Star, Activist, Tech Pioneer

    A pioneer of adult Virtual Reality content and an outspoken activist for sexual health and inclusivity




  • Julia Rose

    Founder, Vagenie
    “It’s like a Fitbit for your ladybits.”


  • Jill Angelo

    Founder, Genneve
    A community-driven health platform helping women navigate the unique health challenges of mid-life

    @mygenneve @jillangelo

  • Cindy Eckert

    Founder, The Pink Ceiling
    Sexual medicine pioneer, helping women shatter the #pinkceiling

    @thepinkceiling @cindypinkceo

  • Ursula Hessenflow
    & Lora Lvanova

    Co-founders, MyLabBox
    At-home STD screening solutions


  • Tania Boler

    Founder & CEO, Elvie
    Femtech company developing smarter technology for women





Arts & Culture

  • Bea and Leah Koch

    Founders, The Ripped Bodice
    America’s First All-Romance Bookstore

    @TheRippedBodice @beeekoch

  • Lisa Berger & Sarah Penna

    Co-founders, Frolic
    A community where romance and pop culture live happily ever after


  • Polly Rodriguez
    & Lidia Bonilla

    Co-founders, Women of SexTech
    Founders Lidia & Polly banded together to launch Women of SexTech, but that’s only their #sidehustle. Polly founded Unbound and Lidia House of Plume.

    @polly_claire @unboundbabes @houseofplume @womenofsextech

  • Bryony Cole

    Founder, The Future of Sex Show

    An international speaker, writer and producer at centre of SexTech

    @bryonycole @futureofsexshow

  • Kelsey Hunter, Sage Fuchs, Jane Goldstein
    & Blaire Preiss

    Co-founders, ELLIS Presents
    Hosting invite-only events to celebrate the curious, fluid, interesting, and interested women of NYC




  • Andrea Barrica

    Building a shame-free platform for pleasure education

    @abarrica @OschoolLive

  • Felicity Yost
    & Carolyn Witte

    Co-founders, AskTia
    Your personal, private, women’s health advisor

    @Ask_Tia @CarolynWitte

  • Mia Davis

    Founder, Tabu
    A modern discovery platform for sex and health


  • Mal Harrison

    Founder & Director, Center for Erotic Intelligence
    a clinical sexologist, educator, coach, TEDx speaker, and the founder of Center for Erotic Intelligence, Mal is focused on fostering human sexuality and human connection


  • Dawn Laguens

    Executive Vice President and Chief Brand Officer, Planned Parenthood

    PP’s focus on frontier tech is noteworthy. Check out their award-winning app Spot On, VR experience Across the Line, and upcoming “on-demand” healthcare service.


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