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For Female Founders

How to Run a Business with Your Sibling—Successfully

Starting a business with family can be tough, but Marni and Willa Blank are proof that it can be done successfully. Here, the founders of Blank Studio detail how they’re making it work.

By Anna Jornlid

The Helm

How to Fund Black Women: Where to Shop, Invest, and Learn About Dismantling Systemic Racism

A resource guide on where to shop, fund, invest in, and learn about dismantling systemic racism.

By Nikki Coats

The Helm


Your Complete Guide to Emergency Funding: Everything Female Founders Need to Know

A state-by-state and country-wide roundup of government-backed and corporate funding resources for female founders.

By Anna Jornlid; Illustration by Perri Tomkiewicz


5 Social Media Tips for Brands Unsure How to Talk to Customers

How can brands navigate COVID-19 when it comes to their social messaging? Stay agile, receptive—and most importantly, human.

By Amber Davis


Investing in a Time of Turmoil: Advice from Female Wealth Managers

From your liquity to your longeveity to your legacy, here is everything you need to know to put your money to work during a crisis.


The Best Female-Founded Online Resources to Survive Social Distancing

From digital fitness classes to webinar parenting support and online health consultations, these are the women-led brands to support during COVID-19.

By Nikki Coats

Take Care of Women-Owned Businesses by Taking Care of Yourself


For Founders

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