TL-180 Co-Founders Luisa Orsini & Antonine Peduzzi Create Anti-It Bags That Still Mean Business

How two French-Italian designers borrowed from their blended roots to turn out a brand new, quirky-cool bag collection.

Lori Leibovich

In one sentence, what does your company do?

LO: We create high-quality pieces, from leather handbags to knitwear, that you want to keep forever and pass on to your children.

What are you solving for?

AP: A sustainable way of consuming fashion, through limited production and special made-to-order pieces.

LO: We want to create products that are not only visually attractive but also meaningful for those who own them.

Why should people care about your company and what you’re doing?

AP: We care about the artisans we work with and each member of our small team. Our goods are 100% made in Italy. We work with two families of artisans as well as individual artisans who work in leather and knitwear.

LO: We see fashion as a path of longevity, more than a path to instant stardom.

What’s one big mistake you made when you first started your company and one big thing you got right?

AP: Trying to be someone we were not. A few years ago, during one of our very first buyer appointments, we decided to wear high heels. We dress in a very casual way and normally avoid heels as we are both about 6 feet tall. The result was a funny disaster—-two very shy and extremely tall girls.

LO: After that, we realized that it’s always better to stick to who you truly are instead of trying to be trendy. We are not in a rush to be the next big thing. We believe in the magic of time.

What’s the one piece of advice you’d give other women looking to start their own business in the fashion space?

AP: Stay focused on your real identity. Believe in what you do and what feels right for your brand.

LO: Know yourself and accept your limits. Always work with people who understand your vision and can help translate it.

When we disagree on something we need to deal with our egos and find a solution that is beneficial for the brand.


What’s one thing that makes your life easier?

LO: Knowing how to separate my personal life from my work life. At a certain point in the day, you should let work conversations wait until the following day.

What is the best thing about having a co-founder?

AP: Knowing that someone will always be there to push your limits.

LO: Those moments when we don’t completely agree are very interesting. That’s exactly when the magic happens and we come up with unexpected yet highly rewarding design ideas. For us, clashing a bit is necessary when we are creating. It makes us see things from a different perspective.

What is the most challenging thing about having a co-founder?

AP: When we disagree on something we need to deal with our egos and find a solution that is beneficial for the brand.

LO: As two creative souls, we have a specific way of seeing things and sometimes we don’t pause to understand the other side. But as friends, we get over it really quickly.

Describe an instance when you “failed forward?”

LO: There have been so many! For example, at one point TL-180 moved its production from Italy to Spain, following the recommendation of an agent. This was not the best move for us as we are extremely careful with quality control. That’s something we are only able to do when we work with local factories.

How will you know when you’ve made it?

LO: More than “we made it,” we knew we should keep going when we got our first Vogue feature and when Net-A-Porter requested an appointment to see our handbags.

AP: We see so many brands come and go in the blink of an eye. We try to enjoy the highlights and happy moments. There is always something to be proud of.

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