Lindsey Taylor Wood, CEO

Lindsey brings fifteen years of experience as a leader in the gender equality movement to The Helm.

An expert in the empowerment of girls and women, Lindsey founded LTW, an impact studio with an emphasis on contemporary feminism. Clients included actor Matt McGorry, MAKERS, The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet, The Harnisch Foundation, Women Moving Millions, and filmmakers Jill Bauer, Ronna Gradus, and Rashida Jones, among others. In partnership with these clients, LTW designed and implemented a wide range of programs, products, and systems, including but not limited to funding mechanisms and mentorship programs for media makers, content strategies for films and television programming, philanthropic strategies for family foundations, and social impact campaigns. Her ability to use philanthropy and culture symbiotically, and with a gender lens, has made her a sought-after strategist in the women’s rights movement.

Prior to consulting, Lindsey was on the founding team of Catapult, a crowdfunding platform for girls and women. Incubated as a project of Women Deliver, Catapult was designed to establish and maintain a sustained, long-term funding infrastructure capable of scaling to many thousands of projects and delivering millions of dollars in funds to benefit girls and women over the next decade. While there, she led the marketing, communications and outreach initiatives.

Lindsey also worked for Women Deliver, a leading global advocate for girls’ and women’s health, rights, and wellbeing — and among the first organizations to promote the investment case for girls and women. Cornerstone projects of her time there included the Women Deliver 50 Campaign which showcased the top 50 ideas and solutions for women and girls internationally, and the training of youth advocates from 11 countries throughout sub-Saharan Africa as part of an invitation-only regional consultation in Kampala, Uganda with government officials and agencies, policymakers, researchers, experts, and advocates focused on achieving the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goal 5.

Pre-NGOs, Lindsey worked with the Broadcasting Board of Governors, where she explained U.S. policy to Voice of America’s worldwide audience through editorials broadcast on television, radio and the internet; acted as an off-air reporter and producer for the TODAY show; and as the External Relations Manager for The Lunchbox Fund. She has contributed to a variety of campaigns centered on conflicts in Central Africa, as well as “The Enough Moment,” a book by John Prendergast and Don Cheadle. She has been named one of the 20 Young Champions for Women by The White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood, currently serves on the Board of Directors, and advises the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn Museum.

Julie Weber, Chief Operating Officer

Julie has more than ten years of private and public sector experience in global media and advocacy, internal communications and project management. She has spent much of her career advocating for the health and rights of women and girls, and her role at The Helm provides the perfect opportunity for her passion and expertise to intersect.

Julie worked with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) for several years and in her various roles in both internal and external communications, she executed large-scale, high-profile international initiatives, developed key partnerships and connected diverse teams and stakeholders inside and outside of the organization.

As the Communications Focal Point for the H4+ (UNAIDS, UNICEF, UNFPA, UN Women, WHO, World Bank), Julie worked closely with the Secretary General’s Every Woman Every Child initiative; a global movement that mobilizes and intensifies international and national action to address the major health challenges facing women, children and adolescents around the world. In her role as Managing Editor of the internal organizational online newsmagazine for UNFPA, she reported on internal news and activities for the information of more than 2000 staff stationed in 165 offices around the world. She is especially proud of her early work with the Campaign to End Fistula, which brought a debilitating injury of childbirth to global attention through public awareness and advocacy campaigns, events, press briefings, and outreach. Among other initiatives, she coordinated a press trip to northern Nigeria and a media campaign targeting the United States Congress held on Capitol Hill.

In 2011 while on temporary assignment in New Zealand, Julie worked with world-renowned marketing agency IMG to facilitate the management of the Rugby World Cup 2011 VIP Commercial Hospitality Programme.

Julie holds a Masters Degree in Gender, Development, and Globalisation from the London School of Economics, where she focused her studies on exploring the gendered intricacies of post-conflict societies and their implications on women, peace, and security.

Preetma Singh, Head of E-Commerce

Preetma brings a decade of experience in marketing, fashion, and creative services to The Helm. Most recently, she was a founding member of the Nordstrom editorial team, where she led content marketing creative strategy and execution for the sizable women’s division.

Previous to joining Nordstrom, she was as an editor at titles like Vogue, Marie Claire, WSJ. Magazine, and NYLON, where she honed her encyclopedic knowledge of product and how audiences become inspired—in every medium. She first entered the workforce, however, as a lawyer at King & Spalding LLP in New York City, working on corporate real estate and private equity transactions, as well as pro bono services for low-income women, before transitioning to follow her passion for fashion.

Above all else, Preetma is a political animal who is fundamentally concerned about issues of representation, justice, equality, and individual rights, and has worked in the U.S. Senate, Supreme Court, and federal district courts. She holds a B.A. in political theory from Princeton University and a J.D. from Vanderbilt University Law School. In her spare time, she enjoys playing the drums and traveling to the most far-flung location she can discover.

Olivia Fleming, Head of Content

Olivia Fleming brings over a decade of digital editorial experience to The Helm. Most recently, she was the Features Director at Harper’s BAZAAR, where she led strategy and programming for large-scale digital projects—including long-form features, ambitious packages, video, and podcasts—that elevated BAZAAR’s content mix across platforms through female storytelling.

Born in New Zealand, Olivia was raised with two basic beliefs: That deep respect for the earth is a given, and women are imperative to leading a successful, progressive country (two female prime ministers took office during her childhood). But after moving to New York in 2008, she quickly realized that her home country’s status quo was at odds with the rest of the world. Olivia set out to tell untold female-led stories that would spark national conversations and legitimize women’s duel interest in fashion and human rights. Her commitment to featuring comprehensive stories on women’s issues in America’s oldest fashion magazine would ultimately compel company leaders, politicians, and organizations to tackle issues around gender equality.

Prior to BAZAAR, Olivia was the style editor at The Village Voice. With a Bachelor of Journalism from the Auckland University of Technology, Olivia has written for publications like T Magazine,,, The New York Observer, Interview magazine, and more.

Tiffany Pan, Buyer

Tiffany is an experienced buyer and merchandiser. Prior to The Helm, Tiffany worked for Club Monaco, where she was an associate merchant and buyer in the men’s department, overseeing 50+ brick and mortar locations as well as the e-commerce site. She worked on collaborations with various vendors and played an integral role in adding new categories to the brand. Prior to her buying experience, Tiffany worked in wholesale luxury fashion at Calvin Klein, The Row, and Stella McCartney.

In her free time, Tiffany enjoys cooking, trying new recipes, and painting.

Anna Jornlid, Culture & Strategy Editor

Anna is a recent graduate from Lund University in Sweden. She started at The Helm as an editorial intern in the summer of 2018, and the subsequent fall she interned for the Transaction Advisory team at EY in Stockholm. There, she gained experience in financial consulting and accounting. This past spring she completed her dissertation in Business and Economics, studying the correlation between women-owned businesses and economic growth.

In her free time, Anna enjoys listening to music, watching documentaries, and traveling.

Kuffasse Boane, Executive & Editorial Assistant

Kuffasse is a New York native with a background in media production and research. After graduating from the University of St Andrews with a degree in history, she spent her early career working as an intern and research assistant for various humanitarian agencies and development consultancies in Switzerland and Ethiopia. Wanting more experience in media, production, and communications, she moved back to New York to work as a casting intern and film production assistant—with ample service industry stints in-between. Today, she seeks to make her skills in research, writing, and production relevant to a career that drives socioeconomic transformation for historically disadvantaged groups in diverse ways. Currently, she is inspired by the potential of the private sector to drive this sort of widespread and public change.


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