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The Helm is the place to discover, shop, & fund female entrepreneurs.

Shop 100+ Female-Founded Brands

From fashion and clean beauty to sexual health, motherhood, home, and more, our curated selection of female-founded brands speaks to the entirety of a woman’s life.

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  • Activist Manuka
  • Alabama Sawyer
  • Alejandra Alonso Rojas
  • Alumnae
  • A M O
  • Anna Karlin
  • Anne’s Apothecary
  • Annie’s Ginger Elixir
  • Araks
  • Atelier Saucier
  • Bala Bangles
  • Bembien
  • Better Not Younger
  • CAMPO Beauty
  • Carolyn Rowan Accessories
  • Cesta Collective
  • Chan Luu
  • Chelsea Miller Knives
  • Chloe Gosselin
  • Circumference
  • Coco and Breezy
  • The Coffee Registry
  • Collective Laboratories
  • The Cristalline
  • Curiosity Lab
  • Dame
  • Daughter of the Land
  • Dehiya Beauty
  • Elizabeth Reid
  • Elliette
  • Elvie
  • Esker Beauty
  • Fable NY
  • Fleur du Mal
  • Galvan London
  • GEM Vitamins
  • Ging-Ko
  • Golde
  • Golden Flourish
  • Goodnight Darling

A Community of Investors

Membership to our Investor Community allows individuals to make direct investments into female-founded companies. This is for novice and experienced investors alike who are committed to putting their dollars—small or large—behind the next wave of women-led innovation.

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Our Fund

The Helm Fund has invested nearly $1.5M of seed capital in 11 of the most promising female-founded companies across the country.

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A brand assortment that would impress even the savviest, hard-to-please shopper.


For women—and men—who want to support other women, The Helm curates both products and people on a single platform to make it easier to shop with intention.


Everything from the initial brainstorming to the final design and even the photo and video shoot, has been led by women.


The Helm’s next VC fund is focused on building future generations of female business owners.

The Hollywood Reporter

The real call to action is for women to think differently about their capital, and to understand the power they have as investors.

Robb Report

This platform is targeted for new conscious consumers who want their product purchases to make an impact.


The Helm’s aim is to attract people to one platform where they can invest or spend their money on companies built and led by women.


It’s about empowering women to use shopping as a real means of smashing the patriarchy.


It’s the first site of its kind to allow shoppers such a hands-on role in financing the next generation of female business leaders.

The Zoe Report

It’s essential for female voices to have a role in driving the innovations, companies, and cultures that define our future.

Brit + Co

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