We Make It Easy To Invest In Women

The Helm is a lifestyle brand committed to elevating and investing in female entrepreneurs. We bring you the latest female-founded products and companies, tell you why they matter, and connect you with ways to support them directly.

Through our VC fund and contextual commerce platform, we provide multiple access points for investing in women. For some, investing means writing a five-or-six-figure check, and for others, it means being thoughtful about your purchasing power, and putting your dollars behind the products, services and brands that align with your values.

We are creating a more equitable world by making capital work for women on both sides of the table. Our fund and platform work symbiotically to elevate and invest in female-led innovation, creating a flywheel effect that makes investing in women effective, impactful and accessible.

Women At The Helm


Our Site

Our site features exclusively female-founded brands and tells the stories of women innovating across all spaces—from fashion to art to politics and beyond.

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Money and Power


Our Theory of Change

We believe that reclaiming the relationship between women, money and power will result in positive, systemic change that tips the scales towards equality. Money is power, and it should be working for—not against us.


In this vertical, we share insights on career, innovation money, politics, and celebrate Women at The Helm across industries.


Everything you need to know so you can move through the world swiftly—and in style.


From money and power to sex and motherhood, our issues are a thoughtful, honest and provocative exploration of the topics that inform and affect women at the helm everywhere.